A little about me! 

I realized that in my last post I told you all about my family but nothing about myself! So here goes: 

I work for Pure Romance a direct sales company that specializes in the best of bath and beauty products, lingerie, and bedroom accessories. Also part time I run a small daycare. 

I have many interests that include writing (hello?) and baking. I write short young adult novels on a site called wattpad and to date I’ve finished two complete novels. I’m working on a third and fourth and have a goal to finish by my 28th birthday. 

I love free stuff so I’m active on a site called influenster (check out the little widget to the side! ) where I receive free stuff in exchange for reviews! You will see reviews here on this blog plus many other things. If you want to join influenster click that widget! You can get free stuff too! 

Wanna order some pure romance? Join my team or book a party? Visit my website! Pure Romance

Okay that’s enough about me! !

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