First I want to start by telling you a little about myself. My name is Amanda Barrow, I am 27 years old and I have a beautiful little family. My daughters, SadaLea and Kalie are my world. SadaLea is 6 going on 30 and if you are wondering, her name came from a silly movie called The Divine Secrets of the YaYa Sisterhood. It is pronounced (say-duh-leigh) and many people often say it completely wrong. The name in the movie is slightly different, but as I am a true southerner, I had to put a little southern twist and twang on it. She is a girly girl who loves all things make-up, bows, glitter, and fashion. She definitely takes after her mom! She loves to read and excels at it. She is even on a level higher than most her age. It amazes me to sit and listen to my sweet 6 year old read chapter books that I never read until middle school. She is slow to learn but when she learns it, there’s no going back. She had a rough start in life and was introduced into this world right in the middle of some really crazy drama. (the police were even there) Yet somehow she remains on top. She is emotional and quick to cry like her mommy, (sometimes that’s a bad thing) but she has a heart of gold and would do anything for anybody. Her teachers and school faculty members brag on how amazing and sweet she is and how she has a love for people like no other. Don’t get me wrong, she tends to be a lot like her mother. (Thank GOD for this) She can be bossy and mean when she needs to be, and she sometimes plays mean pranks on her friends. (Something I believe she will grow out of like I did) She knows when she is wrong and can admit it even though that’s a really hard thing for her. She has an issue with abandonment as her real father who we will refer to as the “sperm donor” decided to abandon her for things that we will not talk about here. It hurts her deep down when people walk out of her life, but just like her mother she has the ability to let it go and bounce back. Her favorite movie is Frozen and she loves mermaids. (Can you tell I like to brag on my babies?)


Kalie is 2 going on 12 with an attitude of a lioness. Sometimes I wonder exactly who she takes after, because she is equal parts of her mother and father. She is an avid explorer and loves new things. That’s my Kalie.

Kalie was named after Kali the hindu goddess of darkness, time, change, power, and destruction and also the Filipino Art of Kali (an extremely effective and battle-tested weapons-based system)  Now before you think really why would they name their daughter that? Just know that my husband is a martial arts guru and this is something special to him. Now back to the explanation. My husband and I didn’t want our daughters name to become an example of a dark hindu goddess, so we added an e to the end thus making it into Kalie, which means pure.

Kalie is a strong-willed, independent being of her own sorts and again she has the attitude of a lioness. What I mean by that is she is solitary and independent. You cannot help her do something she has set her mind to doing alone. She is extremely smart for a two year old and she can say and understand things that most 6-7 year olds cannot. She is a hunter by nature, meaning that she watches you, hunting out your weaknesses and then she exploits them to make situations to her advantage. She can make you do what she wants without you even knowing it. When I first realized her ability to do this, I immediately associated her with the female lion. Because the female lion is tricky and most often the hunter. She is also kind of like dynamite. She is tiny and beautiful so at first look you think how could this delicate beautiful little girl be such a trickster? Then as you get to know her, you start to see exactly what I am saying. My little two year old is opinionated and she will let you know it quick fast and in a hurry. She has the manners of a true southerner… when she wants to. She loves to yell and everything is all about minnie mouse. I often wonder why the child who came into this world in the peaceful serene environment is the child who is the complete opposite of that, while the child who came into this world in the midst of drama is the one who is peaceful and serene.


Lets talk about my husband. His name is Scott and we are 11 years apart in age. Most people think this is crazy, but the only way to find a guy on my level of life was to find an older one. I’ve known Scott for most of my life and as adults, things just kind of clicked. He doesn’t look his age at all and when we tell people how old he is, their mouths tend to drop. He is really in good shape for his age and that is part of why he appears to be much younger. He is honest and I can depend on him for anything. He is playful and sometimes mean (not in a bad way though) and he would do anything for his family. He is a lover of all things martial arts and all things Bruce Lee. He is small so people often underestimate him which ends up being a bad choice on their part. He trains in Jeet Kune Do (aka: JKD) which is the martial arts created by Bruce Lee. Jeet Kune Do is not fixed or patterned, and is a philosophy with guiding thoughts. It is referred to as “the style without style” or the “art of fighting without fighting”. If you have never seen such art I recommend you watch just once this art. It takes a lot of discipline and patience to achieve what he has and I am very proud of him for doing it. He also dabbles in the Filipino arts (which again is part of where Kalie’s name came from) A little about Kali: One of the main goals of training in this system is to give you the ability to pick up everyday objects and use them to your advantage, such as car keys, an umbrella, the chair you’re sitting on, or even the jacket you’re wearing. All of these are weapons in the hand of a skilled Filipino Martial Arts practitioner. It still amazes me to watch my husband protect himself with nothing but a fat sharpie… Kali is used in a lot of movies and the reason why is not only does it look good, but it also works. Put everyday objects into the hands of an artist trained in Kali and they become dangerous weapons. If you would like to learn more about that, please visit http://www.protectfamily.net

Well thats my family in a nutshell. I hope that you enjoyed reading a little about us.

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