Dear Exasperated Mothers:

Have you ever had that moment where you just wish that you didn’t have kids? That moment where you think to yourself, what did I get myself into? You are not alone! 

There are times you wanna just sleep or relax instead of changing poopy diapers, listening to the constant mommy I want, or even just general whineyness.

Then there are times your begging your parents to please remove the curse that was placed on you for your children to be 10 times worse than you were. 

Again, you are not alone! 

But those moments, the moments they feel the need to kiss you 800 times, the moments they take their first step, their first bike ride, that morning cuddle time, all of those moments they make it all worthwhile. 

So next time your sitting in a restaurant and your 2 year old screams out I gotta go poop and your sitting there thinking man I really don’t wanna crouch down on this nasty floor to accompany you to the toilet or the time your in the grocery store and your children pitch the biggest most embarrassing fit over a piece of candy, remember those times, the ones that make it all worthwhile. Remember that you are not alone in this and remember that love you felt the first moment you laid eyes on them. 

Exasperated mothers, you are blessed beyond measure and you got this! There’s always a rainbow after the storm. 

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