Its me back at you to review another golden find!! @influenster sent me another voxbox with some awesome tasty kakes in them!! Check the photo below!!  

And not only that but they sent me 2 awesome coupons to share with my friends and family!! Who wants a coupon?  

So if you aren’t familiar with influenster, here’s a break down. You complete reviews for them and they send you free products to try in exchange for an honest review. Now I am dieting but I did agree to do this voxbox so I will be breaking it to try just one…  

First off, these are super tiny so I don’t feel so bad… Secondly, how cute is this???  

So first bite was very peanut buttery and if you know me you know I am a peanut butter fanatic!! Score!! 

Second bite was packed full of chocolate flavor. 

All in all tastykake has done really well with these minis!! Very very yummy! 
*This product was sent to me for free by @influenster in exchange for a review. All opinions are entirely my own. For more info about influenster find the little icon on this blog and click it! 

Oh and don’t forget to go buy you some tastykake minis!!! 

@influenster @tastykake #tastykakeminiwins #contest 

What mini win are you celebrating today? I’m celebrating my success on this diet! Because I have lost 16 lbs so far and counting! I think a win that big deserves a snack!! Let me get out my celebration hat!!  

Let’s celebrate our mini wins today!! 




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